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Time with Tavis Smiley

Written By: Faith McKinney | Published: October-31-2012 | Category: Conversations
Tagged Under: all regions, On The Scene, indy

Tavis Smiley. His presence in the Black community conjures up deep seated emotion. ...

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Artist Spotlight: Maurice Murphy

Written By: Harrison Page | Published: December-10-2013 | Category: Music Talk
Tagged Under: video, music, indy, bluegrass, cinci, Harrison L Page, Online Community Magazine

Broadway singer Maurice Murphy is gaining traction on Broadway with his ability to find himself in the right place with the right people to make a difference in his singing career. ...

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Sam Signature Norris

Faith McKinney September-12-2012

Sam Norris is not just a American model, he’s an In-ternational America model. Giving photographers and designersa since of “well-invested” time from coast to coast, while continuing to make his ...

A Better Body

TLanise October-29-2012

The invitation read, "Jamaica wedding in October".  My mind, immediately envisioned white sand, blue water and me running…. correction walking, along the beach in a bikini.  Wait, scratch that …N...

Jonathan Wood

Harrison Page February-28-2013

Jonathan Wood the Bassist for the newly formed band North of Eden is an accomplished musician who has played on a national level with several greats ...

Droq: Master of Jam Sessions

Regina Dillard January-10-2013

Droq of the Bullet Proof Soul Band is known as the Master of Jam Sessions. ...

2013 Indy Pride Parade

Annette Johnson June-25-2013

Celebrating diversity in the community is a hallmark that Indianapolis has grown and developed through the years. ...

Decent, Hardworking, and Poor

Angenita Williams September-11-2012

Imagine. You are a single mother. The relationship didn’t work. You try to attend college part-time, while working full time. Then, you lose your job. ...

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Ahmad Moore

Silky Smooth with a clean delivery, Ahmad is a breath of fresh air in the community.


Angenita Williams

 Angenita Williams-Childs collaborated with Delina Hill-Brooker and Rhasha Hoosier to write the non-fiction book,


Annette Johnson

Annette Johnson known as a “Community Servant” is an expert focusing on 

Brent B

Brent Barbour

MasterChef Brent Barbour has been a chef to celebrities from coast to coast. creating mouth watering dishes for man

Cavia M

Cavia Mead

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica I moved to the United States at the age of 14 for better educational opportunitie


Diva Siesie

Sometimes you just need to get things off your chest and not be judged or scrutinized, express yourself, and hear a

Dora Sanders Hill

Dora Sanders-Hill

Dora Sanders Hill has been an Executive Chef for more than 30 years. Her past list of clients re



I was raised on what I call "old school jazz". As a child, I listened while da

Faith Emunah

Faith Kimbrough

You are Just One Click Away from Interviews, Highlights and Much More! Keep it Locked!!!

Faith McKinney

Faith McKinney

Faith McKinney known as “The Great Connector” is an expert focusing on networking and relationship building gea


Harrison Page

As Managing Editor, I have the pleasure to shape the look and content of  to our viewers. I consider

Coach Mac

Kenneth McMichel

As a contributing sports writer my job will be to bring relative, up to date sports stories from youth, high school

DJ Reggi D

Regina Dillard

DJ Reggi D in the House!. Regina Dillard aka DJREGGI D is a fan of every good ba


Romell Davis

I’ve always been an avid reader and fell in love with art since 1984, which is when I attended The School for Cre


Rose Maxey

Energetic, exciting, single and loves people. Rose Maxey loves to meet new people and experiencing new things aroun

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